Tell me about your fetish…

My name is Rebecca and if you would like to share your fetish, ore fetishes with me, I would like to hear all about them. To be honest, I know that not all of the fine gents I meet at Holloway escorts of are keen to share their fetishes with me. Normally it takes some time for me to coax out their fantasies and fetishes. Well, I want you to know something. You don’t have to be shy around me at all, I am a very open minded girl.


Out of all of the sex kittens at Holloway escorts, I would say that I am one of the most open minded girls. I have fetishes of my own, and I do like to get really excited about them. Of course, if you are happy to share and talk about your fetishes with me, I am more than happy to share my fetishes with you. The only problem is that I don’t know where to start. During my time with Holloway escorts I have picked up even more fetishes from the gents that I date.


Am I worried about my personal fetishes? I don’t worry at all about my personal fetishes, but some of the gents I date do have fetishes that may concern me a little bit. What should you do if you have a fetish which is a rare one? If you are worried about it, it could be a good idea to perhaps speak to a therapist. When it comes to fetishes, it is important to know your own mind as well your fetish. I know it can be hard, but nearly all of us do have fetishes.


Where do fetishes come from? I am not sure, but I think that they may be impressions left on our minds from something that we may have seen in the past. It can even be just be a quick flick of something. I spoke to a therapist once, and she says that sometimes the mind creates a memory which we don’t know about. Unless we then come across the right conditions to recreate that memory that memory stays hidden. It is really fascinating, and I may even study psychology after I leave Holborn escorts.


So, if you do suffer from a fetish, you should not feel guilty about it at all. It could come from sort of stray memory that does not connect properly. One day, you may come across the right conditions to recreate that memory, and then you will know what is behind your fetish. Do you like to be looked in a cupboard in the nude because some did that to you? Our dominatrix at Holborn escorts often knows that a lot of men used to be spanked by their nanny, and that is why they like to enjoy her services. It is their own way of regressing to their childhoods. The mind is amazing and I would certainly like to know how yours works.

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