Are you a divorced or a single man living in London

In that case, you may be thinking about dating escorts. Dating escorts is one of those things that you either love or loathe. I have been dating escorts since I broke up with my wife and even used to do so before I got married. So you can say that I have plenty of experience of escorting in London. Dating escorts is something that you can quickly get addicted to, and to make sure that you get the most out f it like I do with St Johns Wood escorts from, it helps when you know a little bit about it.


How does escorting work? Most quality London escort agencies such as St Johns Wood escorts service have excellent websites. You will be able to check out the girls before you arrange a date, and more importantly, you can read about them. Some guys think that reading about escorts is not such a big deal, and they just arrange their dates based on looks. That could be a big mistake to make and I always read the girls’ profiles. Doing that will ensure that you know a bit more about the girls.


What you should also keep in mind is that most London escorts services are very busy, or can get very busy Monday to Friday. This is the time when a lot of businessmen visit London, and it can be hard to hook up with an escort. When   the girls at St Johns Wood escorts are busy during the week, they may even take the weekend off from their shifts. If you would like a date on specific nights, it is a good idea to prebook, and that is what I do most of the time. I think that is far easier and you don’t risk being disappointed.


How do you pay for escort services in London? Most escort agencies do not accept credit card, and you are expected to pay cash. It is important to know that you pay as soon as the girl comes in through the door. What I normally do is to put the cash on the table, and let the girl pick it up. I always enjoy my dates with the girls at St Johns Wood escorts, so I give them a tip at the end of the date. Some of the girls are special to me and I may even give them a small gift like a bottle of perfume.


There is a difference between outcall and incall services. I used to date incall escorts in other part of London, but since I started to date St Johns Wood escorts, all of my dates have been on an outcall basis. Try to look at it from the escort’s point of view if you want to know what the different services mean. Outcall means that the girl will jump in a car to come to see you, and incall means that you go and see her. In other words, you are making an incall to her boudoir. Personally I think that outcalls are much more convenient and this is how I hook up with the sexy girls at the escort agency in St Johns Wood in London.

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