Is he after my money?

I am sure there are lots of men who wonder if the women in their life our after their money, or actually want to be with them. Before I met my boyfriend, I did not really spend a lot of time reflecting on this issue, but ever since hooking up with my boyfriend, I must admit that I have started to think about it. My boyfriend is always claiming to be short of cash, and keeps asking for small amounts of money all of the time.

The problem is that those small amounts of money soon adds up, and today, I am still waiting for my boyfriend to pay me back close to £1,000. Do I earn more money than my boyfriend? I guess that most girls who work for a London escorts service earn more money than their boyfriends. Until recently I did not realise that a lot of London escorts have in fact been victims of fraud, or have just been ripped off by guys who have been after their money. I never thought that it would happen to me as I have always been very careful with my money, but clearly I have now met the same fate as many other London escorts. Should I cut my losses? The good thing is that I have not given my boyfriend the key to my flat in London. I had to work my socks off at London escorts to afford my apartment so I am always very careful with my key. Some girls at London escorts have ended up having a hard time getting rid of their boyfriends just because they have allowed them to move in to their apartments. I am glad that I have learned from my London escorts to not make that mistake. How do I feel about the situation? I do feel a little but used and abused, and at the same time, I do feel a little but stupid.

The only person I have spoken to about my situation, is one of my dates at London escorts. He was in the same situation with a young girl he used to date. Did he offer me any advice? He certainly did. I liked the fact that he was very honest with me, and told me to ditch the guy before he “cost” me anymore money like he said. It was the best advice that I have had so far, and I think that I will act on it. Like my London escorts date said, it is clear that this guy does not really respect me, and he is just after my money. He is right, but it is hard to let go. Finding a guy to go out with when you are actively working for a London escorts is not easy. I am not one of those persons who is happy in her own company, and I am not sure where I go from here. Perhaps I should just stay single until I finish my career a low cost mature escorts and then try to find the right man for me. Focusing on my career might just be exactly what I need to do in order to get over this episode in my life.

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