My Wife Became an Escort after our Divorce

A couple of years ago, I got divorced from my wife. I am not really sure what happened, but I don’t really think that we were meant for each other. When I left my wife, she did not really know what to do, and I thought that she just might find some other rich guy to marry. To my surprise, I came across about 18 months later working forĀ Dagenham escorts. I could not believe that my wife had become an escort after our divorce.

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At the time I was into dating escorts and I had long thought about starting to date in North London. Escort services in this part of Greater London are a bit cheaper. But after having spotted my wife working for Dagenham escorts, I think that I am going to change my mind about that. But to be honest, all of the girls who work for Dagenham escort services, do look really hot and sexy, and I may just try to hook up with a couple of them. Hopefully everything will go alright, and I will not end up with my ex wife knocking on my door.

I was kind of curious about my wife and I wanted to find out how she was doing. Since our divorce had gone through, I had not heard a word from her. One evening very late, I followed her home in my new car to make sure that she would not recognize me. I was really surprised when I found that she lived in a lovely home in Dagenham and it seemed like she was doing well for herself at Dagenham escorts. Fortunately for me, she did not spot me so I quickly went back home.

After that, I did not check out Dagenham escorts again, but I did keep thinking about my ex wife. She was the last person I would have thought that I would find working for an escort agency in London. When we had been together, she had not been the most adventurous person at all. Perhaps it was me, maybe I had got the wrong end of the stick so to speak, and missed out on what she was really about, it bugged me for a good while, but now I am okay with it.

For the last couple of years, I have not thought about my ex at all. As a matter of fact, I have married again and we have a little family. But for some reason, she popped into my head the other day. We were having lunch in the garden of a country pub when this very glamorous woman walked in. I was holding on to my 2 year old daughter who was not so keen on lunch in the pub. I realised that the woman was my ex wife. Well, she certainly looked good and judging by all of the bling on her, she must be doing well at Dagenham escorts if she is still there. I have a feeling that she is.

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