Sleeping naked feels Good

I love sleeping naked. The other day I was having this chat to one of the gents that I date at London escorts about what to wear in the bedroom, or when you go to bed. He said that he was a cold person and always wears a pyjamas. I honestly thought that was something that had gone out of fashion these days and that no one wore a pyjamas any more. But apparently there are still gents out there who like to wear something to be.

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Okay, not all girls probably like to wear just Chanel number 5 to bed like me. One of the girls here at London escorts always wears a sexy nightie to bed. She says that she likes to sleep like that because it makes her feel sexy. It can do, but then again she does not have a boyfriend. Some people just like to feel sexy for themselves, and perhaps she is one of those girls. I feel sexy for myself when I don’t wear anything at all when I go to bed. It is that naked feeling that turns me on.

Another one of my gents says that he cannot sleep unless he wears a certain t-shirt. I don’t know when he started this habit, but he says that he has been doing for ages. One of his favorite t-shirts is a Dennis the Menace t-shirt and he wears a lot. As a matter of fact, I have noticed that he is kind obsessed about Dennis the Menace. He even has a pair of Dennis the Menace cufflinks and I have seen him wearing a Dennis the Menace tie as well. It could be that he really identifies himself with Dennis. One thing is for sure, I know that he can be a bit of menace at times.

One of my absolute favorite dates here at London escorts likes to wear his socks to bed. Without his socks he gets really cold feet and wakes up feeling uncomfortable he says. I must admit that I have given him a foot massage on occasion and I have noticed that his feet are kind of cold. It is not a good sign and I keep telling him to go to the doctor. Yes, I do like to give some of my gents here at London escorts health advice.

To me, there is nothing like a nice bubble bath to set up for the perfect night’s sleep. Now when I earn decent money working for London escorts, I have been able to buy some nice bubble baths. I don’t use them every night as they dry out your skin too much, but I do use them more than often. It is really a nice treat. After I had a splash with my favorite rubber duck and my bubble bath, I just drop my robe and go to bed naked. It feels really good and I wake up in the morning feeling all refreshed. Of course, it makes my boyfriend really horny as well and I guess that helps a lot.

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